promising young woman

Promising Young Woman

December 26, 202090/1005 min
Most films that I watch leave little to no imprint on me, but that is because so many of them just blend together. There are those film that stand out though and stay with you long after the credits have faded, or how I call them, the stuff that dreams are made of. That is what a good movie does to you, it engages you and leaves you thinking about it in ways you might...

Saltburn : Austin Film Festival Review

October 27, 202380/1006 min
     With 2020’s Promising Young Woman, not only did Emerald Fennell win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, but she won a fan in me. Now, I know one is a lot better than the other, but for me, that movie put Fennell in a category of the ‘must-watch’ filmmakers. Now comes her follow-up, Saltburn, a movie that has made me love Fennell even more. Oliver is someone we have all seen at any school...

Top 12 of 2020

January 5, 202115 min
To say 2020 was not a normal year is an understatement and like most things movies were not the same, as we were kept out of theaters most of the year. While there was indeed a lack of blockbusters, the lack of good movies did not happen, as they just found new ways to get them to us. As I sat down to make this list I found it hard to narrow this to just...

Ten Worst Movies of 2015

December 31, 20159 min
“ No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough “- Roger Ebert Another year is in the books when it comes to life, love, and movies. While there has been some great films that have come out this year, this is not that list. Instead this is a list of the films that I wish could be erased from my memory. The reason for that is not because I hate...